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Right, Which would just encourage more booze smuggling which is why the prices are already what they are.
Cruise Fanatic, I couldn't agree more with this sentiment. If everyone would stop trying to find ways around gratuities, drink costs and other normal vacation expenses the overall costs for cruising and such services may not have to be as high as they are. The cruiselines have designated revenue expectations for each ship. Thus the pricing is always being adjusted to meet those expectations. A little over half of a ships total revenue is generated from the actual booking rates. The balance is from onboard revenue. Things like the pictures you buy, the drinks you consume, excursions, casinos, etc. If you'd like cruise pricing to climb, find a way of not allowing the lines to generate onboard revenue. Remember the old TV commercial, "You can pay me now or pay me later"? That was a car repair company but it applies to the free market in general.

Cheers, Neil