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Nita they can sign themselves in and out it is up to you, weather you want him to. some parents prefer to pick up thier children other let them fend for them selves and I do not mean to make it sound like they do not care, some kids are more responsible then others you know your child better then anyone else so you know if he will be able to handle the trust and be responsible to check in with you or not, they do sometimes have meals for them it depends on how many children are sign up they take them to the shows as a group on one of the nights they also have a sort of sleep over where they stay up till 3 in the morning and the gals or guys bring them back to your cabin and see that they get inside ok so you have a entire night to your self not to worry about leaving them alone the cost was 25.00 first child and 10.00 for each extra sibling, but again it depends on the staffing, and how many kids are on board, they have a wonderful program for the kids, they will have an orientation the first nite on board it tells you all about the program and then you can decide if its right for both of you, it should be in your news letter in your cabin, or you can ask the purser at the information desk about where it is scheduled, and they will give you information Fran