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Originally posted by Dave56:
Chef Ken - great post. I do as you say - if I use a buffet I do a hand cleaning before eating. Wash my hands several times day, etc. I've read where one of the biggest reasons for infections developing in hospitals is because the doctors are sloppy about cleaning up.

The Freedom Of The Seas had a sanitizing station at the entrance and the official greeter was encouraging everyone to get a spritz of sanitizer both coming and going. This one sensed your hands and automatically dispensed the compound so you didn't need to touch anything. However, we also carry those pocket sized bottles.
I agree a great post. A passenger is very much in control of virus attack. It can be hard to keep up with, just remember the virus needs to get on your hands and then to your mouth or nose or something. I have a relative who works on a cruise ship. The Ship takes good precautions but sometimes it simply isn't enough. She works on the Carnival Liberty that just experienced one of the worst breakouts, she was taken sick as well and quarentined.

Here are a few inside tips to know if any one has reported symptons. If the buffets are being served to you then the ship is beginning to take precautions, when you see this get serious about washing up before you eat. If there are more than just 1 or 2 people cleaning hand rails then step up your washing. They clean all the time but more than a few in any location is a procedure to limit contact. The ships will do this is even if a very few like 1 or 2 report to the infirmary with flu symptoms, Don't panic just wash up and you will enjoy the cruise.