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Originally posted by mcgriff:
Cruising on Enchantment of the Seas, May 3rd. Our travel agent said we needed passports, but RCCL's website site and their customer service reps said certified birth certificate is fine. My family does have their passports, but my mother who is traveling w/ us does not. Will her certified birth certificate be accepted? We need clarification.
The recent experience of the Cortez family in the Bahamas reinforces the fact that while you do not need a passport (at this time), it is wise to obtain one.

One of their children became ill and the family had to leave the Magesty of the Seas to obtain medical care in the Bahamas. They had no passports to get home and were forced to incur added cost and inconvenience when they had to find the American Embassy and obtain emergency passports in order to get back into the US.

You are going to need them eventually. Why not get them now and avoid problems like those incurred by the Cortez family?

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