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With as many people and crew members as they have to serve on any ship it's amazing that these type of reports remain rare. If you asked a hundred people on the same ship about their experience you'd get everything from horrible to best ever. I don't have as many sailings as Sonny but I've never had one I considered poor in quality of food, overall staff or crowding. I don't sail during Spring Break or even summer vacation time frames by choice. I have had the rare crew member who didn't meet or exceed my expectations. Maybe they were new, maybe they were having a bad week. I just don't know but I'm not going to allow one or two people under-performing ruin my vacation. Maybe I've just been lucky but I'll keep cruising RCI and other lines until I have an overall unpleasant cruise. Never happened yet, that includes with Carnival who the OP seemed to have something against. Big ships, small ships, I like 'em all. Guess I'm just easy to please.

Cheers, Neil