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3% and added to the total bill of the s&s it showed up on my bank statement as a pending debit then all the pendings went away and were replaced by the total s&s charge. the limit is $1000.00 per day.
it is a nice feature for people with will power
you can also use the card at the machine as a bank while onboard.
say you won and have 500 credits on the machine you want to stay and play but your nagging wife wants to go to a show.
you simply slide in your card and push the button "save to player bank" then you leave ...go to the boring show then return when wifey is sleeping...slide the card in ..punch in the pin number and presto you have 500 credits and we are back to our regularly scheduled program. no coins to carry around in a bucket between machines either. you can actually gamble and not even touch an actuall dirty coin.
how nice is that?
except I blew $1600.00 on a three day cruise LOL
now if I had a wife she would have prolly saved me the loosing that much.....

One last comment ...if you leave the credits in the machine they will stay on your Player bank account and NOT be added back to your sail & sign..... the next time you cruise the credits will still be in your account.. you can not have them added back to the sail & sign SO DONT FORGET TO EMPTY YOUR BANK BEFORE YOU DEBARK THE SHIP....