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I suggested in my earlier post that Dolphin deck "overlooks" Promenade deck. That is not correct. Dolphin is deck 9, and Promenade is deck 7. You cannot see the promenade from the balcony on Dolphin. If you lean over the rail, you can see a small portion of a tender which is secured above the promenade. I still maintain a cabin on Dolphin near midships is an excellent choice. Sorry about the error.

Originally posted by Bob & Bev:
We just returned from Hawaii on the Island Princess. We were in cabin D518 which is a mini-suite with a balcony. We have been on many cruises and always try to get a similar cabin on a lower deck near mid-ships, which cuts down the rocking in heavy seas. The balcony is not covered, and overlooks the promenade deck. No obstruction. Room for 4 chairs and a table.

The balcony is fully exposed from above and from the higher decks on each side. Who cares!

At out age, we do not plan any hanki-panki on the balcony.

Works for us!

Originally posted by mob122906:
Thanks for the reply. That was very helpful info...especially the pics of the balcony situation. We are on the Dolphin deck...toward the center of the ship.