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HI Brneyes

Yes we are from Germany! Nice to hear that your roots are from the old world *gg*.

I hope, too that on liberty its hot. Usually we have snow here, but the last year there is no snow. The weather is getting really wormer!

Hope to see you on the Libery!

Did you travel ever with Carnival ? or other cruise ships ??

Originally posted by brneyes:
CU, So you are from Germany? What a coincidence, I say. The reason I say this is my father who has since passed on, was born/raised in Germany, and then came to the United States. So thus, I am half German.

Yes, the pictures I seen of Germany that my father had, it did look COLD there also.

The direction we will be going on the Liberty, it should be WARM/HOT, which is right up my alley.

Here in Missouri, we still have ICE on the ground, and they are saying more snow is coming.

Hopefully I will get to meet you.