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I did the Alaskan cruise 2nd week of May, on the 2nd sailing of the season because it was a good price. The 2 days before the cruise in Vancouver were sunny and hot. The first day cruising the inside passage it rained. 2nd day in Ketchikan it rained, but since that is the rainest spot in North America chances are it will rain there. 3rd day in Juno it was foggy in the morning and then cleared up in the afternoon. 4th day in Skagway it sprinkled just a little in the morning and then cleared up into a gorgeous sunny day. 5th and 6th and 7th days when cruising Glacier Bay and College Fjord it was sunny. It was cool, temperatures in the 35 to 45 (F) degree range, but we layered up and even had breakfast out on the balcony in Glacier Bay.

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