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I know a lot of travel agents, yet I don't know any who can afford to do that. In addition, as you probably know, most cruise lines will warn and then ban any travel agency found out to be rebating their commission.
Sandy, I am well aware of that and point taken. I shouldn't have said that. I am suspicious that some do it though. Why do I have wet noodles on my head?

I think it would be disrespectful to "ask" or even "expect" a Travel Agent to give back any of her pay. Who on this board would give back any of their pay in their own professions?
Jan, I wasn't suggesting for them to ask or expect it. I just want to be clear about that. I have discounted my commission as a real estate agent to make deals happen before. I once had a buyer and seller that were deadlocked over $6000. The deal was going to fall apart because each side was so stubborn. I suggested each side give in $2000 and I would do the same with my commission. I closed the deal. That is apples and oranges though.