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My wife and I prefer the treatment we have received on our H.A. cruises. I like them better than say Princess, however, that could be blamed on experiences on a given ship.

Any cruiseline is only as good as it's last cruise. If a younger passenger is more interested in a party atmosphere, certain lines have reputations in that category. If you are looking for 4 or 5 star service, you will sail on another line. Food is pretty subjective, and some people confuse quantity with quality.

Holland has a rep. for being favored by an older crowd, and has entertainment to match. They make it up however, in other areas.

We have had the good fortune to sail on the best that both Princess and Holland have to offer,
and in our opinion, Holland gives you the best overall bang for the buck.

This is just my opinion, I'm sure the next poster will have another favorite. That's the way it should be, as it keeps the lines competitive.