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Going back and forth between Rome and the FCO Hilton (we have done this quite a few times) is not without issues. As Pink mentions, there is the Hotel shuttle bus which is essentially worthless for those that want to enjoy dinner and an evening in Rome (most folks in this city do not even sit down to dinner until after 8 pm). The train service is fine but can get quite expensive (round trip on the Leonardo Express is more then $25 per person) and means you still have to get over to the Termini Station and then either walk or get a shuttle from the FCO Terminal over to the hotel. With trains or shuttles you still will spend around 1 1/2 hours round trip. Another major problem with the airport Hilton (besides its distance from Rome) is the food situation (Ok, we do like to eat well in Italy). The Hilton does have a real good buffet dinner, but as I recall, the cost of this "buffet" is over $50 per person not including drinks. For us, having dinner in Rome after dark and enjoying the city is a real treat. Rome is full of eating places in all price ranges. At times we just enjoy an evening sitting in the Piazza Navona, people watching, sipping wine, and loving the atmosphere. Many of our friends prefer an elegant dinner at one of Rome's high-end restaurants. You have to ask yourself do you enjoy staying in Hotels that are 40 min outside of cities or would you prefer to be in a the city where you can walk to restaurants, shops, boutiques, wonderful piazzas, etc. We think airport hotels are very useful for times when you have an early flight, but in the end they are still airport hotels. One other thing not discussed is the cost the Airport Hilton where the cheapest rooms are generally over 250 Euros (which does not even include breakfast). On our last visit to the FCO Hilton we did finally solve the food problem by keeping our rental car until very late at night (we would usually drop our car in the afternoon after we check-in) and driving ourselves to the nearby sea resort of Fiumcino where we had a fantastic Italian seafood dinner right on the coast. But most cruisers do not have a rental car to take advantage of the dining options in Fiumcino. Put simply, staying at the FCO Hilton would be similar to staying in New York City but using a hotel at JFK or Newark.

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