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They have delayed making an announcement for a while now. I honestly don't know when it will be. I'd rather wait for the official word than begin all kinds of speculation. I can confirm there is a cruise scheduled for October 28th 2011. It has an "Admin Lock" on it according to a senior Carnival support agent, not a PVP. From what I've heard it was accidentally released then closed. I guess I'm spreading rumors by saying that which I don't like to do.

Though it would make sense for the sail date to be in their system with an "Admin Lock" on it if that happened. That would be a "helluva" crossing all the way to Galveston if it proves to be true. They often end in New York and do a few runs from there before going to their home port.

They are definitely getting the internet cruise forums abuzz with this delay and system faux pas. Come on Carnival tell us "Officially" where our Magic will be already!