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Yes I am a crown and anchor member,
Because I fill the membership online today thanks to your advice LOL
But I have only been in one cruise the AOS in royal so I guess it will not be much help for my case.
I already call them and they told me also what Dave just said about the upgrades…

I will really like to give RCCL another try I already talk to my wife and she thinks the same way.
Yes I am a food junkie my bad is my curse and I can be carry on with it,
I had made some mistakes in the past underestimating RCCL before because of that and I think is better if we try it one more time.
Next year I will like to visit AOS again, I really enjoy the ship during 2006 and the ports were great.
I will like to go again to Aruba and Curacao and the only cruise that goes there is the AOS so is important for me to know a few things before booking in order to make it a good cruise experience, I don’t want to make those mistakes again.
Last time we did not know we can order from room service so that’s a good option for me and my wife if the food is needed.
Thanks for everything guys I am a newbie on the world of cruising, especially with RCCL, and I am learning from you everyday so any help will be greatly appreciated…