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I think I see what happened here. I have an older copy of a cruise brochure (2009-2011). According to its schedule, the Fantasy should still be sailing out of Mobile.

Anyways, the deck plan on this booklet calls the room a "6E Ocean View (obstructed views)", and has it categorized as a cloud 9 spa cabin.

Under the old Carnival lingo, the Cat 6E were the cabins on the spa deck of the Destiny/Triumph/Conquest Class that had the tinted sloping floor to ceiling windows. These cabins have been or are being converted into regular balconies. That is too bad; I really liked them, because I am traveling with small children.

The confusion here must have been over that terminology, especially if "Spa" and "6E" appear on the same line on the booklet.

Going off on a tangent - I really love when companies start recycling or start using customized terminologies that conflict with industry accepted norms.

The analogy I like to use is that the Canadian Army uses customized names for all its small arms - C1 to C9. We had to skip over C4 because it is an industry name and was also part of the Supply Chain. I could just imagine a Combat Engineer requesting some C4 plastic explosive and being handed a Browning .30 Cal MG (we called that the C5).