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Q. Our cruise takes us to Cayman, Cozumel and Ocha Rios. Any suggestions on must see, must do, must eat list in these locations.

A. For info on the ports, go to the Caribbean Ports section ofthis forum. You can do a "find" for each and get your question answered.

Q. If we have to do laundary how do we get it done, do we contact room service?

A. Laundry- The new biggers ships and should have mini laundry mats on the passenger decks. You can do a load of wash there if you must. You can also have laundry service from the ship but it is pricy. We usually just bring enough clothes to last through the cruise. But I understand with kids, anything is game. If you need change for the washing machines, go to the casino. Bring a sample size box of soap if you plan on using the washine machines.

Q. Is an earlier seating time better or a later seating time better for dinner.. we were thinking about 8.30.

A. Dinner seatnig is really a personal choice. They have two showings of the night's entertainment, so you won't miss anything if you choose either seating. Do what's best for you.

Q. When we are on day trips, do we have to have local currency or the [currently not so]almighty dollar is enough? If so how much will you recommend we carry in addition to the credit cards and in what denominations?

A. You will not need to exchange currency in any of the Caribbean ports. In Cozumel, sometimes they will give change in Peso's. If that is a problem, ask them before you order (like Burger King etc). Of course there is always plastic.

Q Is it safe to leave the credit cards, cash and passports in the room while on port or while on the ship during the day time.

A Yes, leave everything in your room that you don't need in port (you won't need your passports) THere is a safe in the room for this purpose. On the ship you will ONLY need your sign and sail card.

Q What will be a good place to meet other couples to socialize?

A You will meet new people from the moment you get into line to get onto the ship. Chat it up and you'll meet someone with the same interests. We are amazed at how often we run into the same couple of groups over and over.