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Just back off the NCL Pearl today......

Freestyle Deck Update.....

There is an area on Deck 15 named Freestyle Deck....

There is a walkway from deck 14 up to the Freestyle Deck.

There is free access for passengers of all gates....there is NO signage stating "adults only"...or "clothing optionable area".

On a nice sunny day like this past Wednesday, there were no passengers using this area for topless sunbathing...either men or women.

In fact the area was used on this past trip for an observation deck by every passenger I saw there, during the 4 day adventure.

The Freestyle Deck is small, and is the same deck that you will find the mast of the ship, radar towers and flag towers.

To us, the Freestyle Deck was just another deck at the highest elevation of the ship, open to passengers of all ages, with no blocked access, and no passengers are prohibited from entering this area.

Hopefully this post answers the myth about a topless or nude area on the Pearl.

In fact, several women were sited on the pool Deck 12 and Deck 13, sunbathing while lying on their stomachs without tops.

Sorry guys, no special sites to see on Freestyle Deck. It's a great observation deck, but certainly may not provide what you really might want to see.

The repo cruise was great. We enjoyed every minute of it.

Lots to do, in just 4 days.

Perhaps we will need further reconissence from other passengers to see if this myth is real or not.

So far, I am a mythbuster on this one.

Sorry guys and gals.

Richard & Mary
Las Cruces, New Mexico USA