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Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong but it seems to me the usual formula for bars (in general) and the rule of thumb is to expect 24 shots per bottle. Bombay at $43 / 24 = $1.79 per shot. The Barcardi at $40 = $1.67. Don't know why they are charging more for the Tanqueray when Bombay is far superior, but, Tanq at $55 = $2.29. To this, one needs to add the "mix". At $2 per container (good for 2 drinks) that's $1 added to whatever (e.g. rum and coke, gin and tonic). In most cases, still cheaper than the bars on board. BUT, is the object to drink more cheaply or to have a drink in one's cabin whenever it suits the mood without waiting for room service. Personally, I think you should feel happy you have the opportunity (as opposed to other cruise lines).