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Hi Mardor - first, this will be our third cruise. We've been to Bermuda (years ago) and went from New York City (we live in Queens, suburb of the city) to Montreal. We loved both cruises, always wanted to do more but never seemed to have the time. This is a special trip to celebrate our anniversary (45th - but I hope we're young seniors!) and one we began planning almost ayear ago.

In Rome we'd like to see St. Peter's (as much as time will allow), The Forum area and Coliseum, The Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain. We're not interested in doing a lot of shopping (although I wouldn't mind a quick trip to the gift shop in St. Peters!). We'd like to drive past the Castel Sant'Angelo and cross the Ponte Sant'Angelo and the Monument Vittoria Emmanuele (actually these are all suggestons from our son who's been to Rome a few times!)

My husband's interested in History, the American Civil War is his speciality, but we don't get too stuffy about it.

As you can tell by us celebrating our 45th Anniversary we're only kids at heart but I also wouldn't say we're old fogies! If you're still interested in sharing a tour maybe the best route might be to E-mail each other directly. If you want to go that route let me know.