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Hello All,

I'm about to go on my first cruise in December, and one of our stops is St. Maarten. When I booked the cruise the gentleman on the phone recommended that while in St. Maarten my future fiancee and I(going to propose while either in St. Maarten or St. Thomas!!) rent a car and drive up to Orient Beach. I've heard it is one of the prettiest beaches on the island and a must see. My question is it better to rent a car than take a taxi? I'm a little concerned with getting lost as I've never been there and I wasn't too sure how well things would be marked in regards to directions/road signs... Also, which would be more expensive? I kinda like the idea of having the freedom of a rental car, so that we could stop at other various paces/beaches, but then again I don't really know where else we would stop. Also I don't want to blunder our trip by getting lost and missing the boat! Any advice would be appreciated!