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Wow Casey and Kathy, I've never thought of that. I've been on two cruises, soon to be three, and the previous two were different systems. The first was a carousel system like at airports, but the other was just where you walk to your assigned departure number, and look for it there in a staging area.

The first time I did express departure, so I didn't have to go to baggage claim, but on my second, it was a bit interesting in the staging area. I was looking in the staging area but didn't see it at first, and when I looked again, it was right in front of me. I'm thinking it was either delivered shortly after they called my number, or someone took it at first thinking it was theirs, realized their mistake, then brought it back.

We resort to the bright colored luggage tags that we got from AAA. I can't remember the name of the brand off hand. On my last cruise we were a green color group, and the luggage tag was green, which is why someone may have just grabbed it without looking at the luggage tag at first, then realized their mistake!
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