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Bringing alcohol aboard-

This question comes up alot here on cruise chat. Can you bring your own alcohol onto the cruise ship.

THe answer to this is "Only wine" The amount varies from cruise line to cruise line, but most allow you to bring 2 bottles. Sometimes they charge a"corkage fee" if you bring one to dinner. Sometimes they don't.

For for any other form of alcoholic beverage or liquor- NO! Many people go through great troubles trying to smuggle a bottle of liqour onto a cruise. Its not really worth it. If you want a bottle for your cabin, there is at least one cruise line -HAL that you can order a bottle for your cabin- on HAL, one can contact "ships services" before departure and order a bottle of whatever it is you drink. It will be delivered to your cabin/suite and SHOULD be waiting for you when you arrive (else, it should get there shortly after). This is safer than trying to smuggle aboard and risk denied boarding AND it's still cheaper than buying in the bars if that's the main reason for trying to sneak booze aboard! But again, the bottom line is after spending whatever it cost for the cruise itself plus airfare, tips, shore excursions, etc., etc., WHY sweat a few more dollars for cocktails.

There are other cruise lines that do this also. NCL and Royal Caribean have been reported to do this. If anyone has experience with doing this on cruise lines other than HAL, please let me know.

From LHT28 - "Just a note to say Oceania allows you to bring alcohol for use in your cabin.
The cruises tend to cost more than CCL & RCCL though"