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To all,

A few months ago I became interested in promoting and supporting the Cozumel Red Cross. This fine group provides many emergency and medical services on the island of Cozumel, which includes the ambulance service.

A little girl on Cozumel has health issues which can be mitigated by a special chair. The Cozumel Red Cross has bought the chair but for various reasons (it is Mexico, with lots of bureaucracy) they need someone to take the chair to Cozumel via cruise ship. It is about the size of a child's car seat. Ideally, someone driving to the port of embarkation would be best. A Mexican official will be waiting to receive the chair.

This may sound strange but given the unique import laws of Mexico it is actually the easiest way to deliver the chair.

So now the appeal....if any of our members are going on a cruise which stops at Cozumel in the next few weeks, please consider helping this little girl have a better life by volunteering to deliver the little item. I guarantee you will feel wonderful about doing it!

If you want to do this, please e-mail me at

Thank You,
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