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Let me begin by saying I have over 165 cruise days as of last week with HAL so I might be considered biased. I'm not. However, I would define myself as a "foodie" and the food can be inconsistent. I am beginning to see a corelation between the length of the cruise/itin/cost of the cruise to the menu selection or level of food served. By that I mean all steaks are not created equal.

The service is excellent, the cabins in each category are the largest in the industry and very nicely appointed and the public rooms are beautiful with some incredible art work. Again, the space per passenger is very high so one never feels crowded.

When I cruise, I want to relax and be pampered. You really need to ask yourself what you are looking for from your cruise experience. Your answers will help you (and your cruise-qualified travel advisor) select the right cruise line and the right ship.

Personally, I think that if you sail on HAL, you will enjoy yourself. Bon voyage!