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Is it possible to rent a car? Yes. Most of the time it will cost about $100 for a one day rental with insurance. Of course gas is about $7 a gallon. Now for the bad news. I do not generally recommend that drivers inexperienced in Italy drive this route. We love driving on the Amalfi Coast, but its a 2 lane road that is subject to lots of traffic and congestion in the busy summer months. Its also a very tight fit when you work your way through traffic near Positano,,,in fact, I have often reached outside and turned in my sideview mirrors in order to get past buses. If you are still interested you simply check-out the prices of all the major dealers (Avis, Hertz, Europcar etc) in Sorrento and book on-line. Make sure you get a downtown location and you will be fine. I also forgot the other big problem. Parking! In fact, we have driven thousands of miles in Italy (and many other European countries) and would call parking the major problem. This is especially true in Positano where you will see cars parked for miles along the road that runs along the top of the city.