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I definately would go to Barrow, and skip the convention. We are planning a big Alaska trip, in the winter of 2011 or 2012. We are going to see the Northern Lights, and they will be their peak again starting 2011 or so, when the sun starts its next peak solar cycle. We will definately be going to Barrow. Barrow is right on the Artic Ocean, and not many people can say they have seen that. Anyways, another cool place I found during my research is the Bettles Lodge, it is in Bettles, Alaska. It is above the Artic circle. You can only get there by flying in, I think that goes for the summer too. Prices are pretty steep, but what an adventure. My aunt and uncle lived in Barrow for several years, he flies helicopters, they LOVED it. Well, good luck with your adventure. Lil' Lori

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