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Hi Matthias, I'll try to help and I'm sure others will as well. The metro busses run all over the city, so you should have no trouble getting around Miami. However, it might be less expensive in the long run to rent a car. That way, you could go anywhere you wanted. There is a lot to see and do in Miami. Key Biscayne is a nice area, you can go to the Crandon Park Zoo, the Miamarine Stadium, the Planetarium, the Monkey Jungle, etc. There is shopping. Villa Viscaya is not that far away. You need to go to South Beach to get the flavor of Miami, too. You could rent a car in Miami and drop it off in Ft. Lauderdale. That way you can drop your family and luggage at the port, return the car, and have them shuttle you back to meet them. They can get a place in line while you're returning the car. If that's not an option, try SuperShuttle. They used to have the best prices. Best wishes for a fantastic time!