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Pappa55, it doesn't cost anything to get into Atlantis, just finding a way to get there. That is why we had a large taxi that held about 8 of us. We didn't know how we were going to get to Atlantis from the ship, but as we kept walking we found people who drove taxi's that were trying to get passengers. We told them what we wanted to see/do and they take us on a tour of Nassau, etc. Very good, and the price is around $25 which wasn't bad. If you just want to go to Atlantis, they may have taxi's that do that also.

Atlantis is very large and sort of a light pastel pink or samon in color. In front there are beautiful waterfalls, bronze horses. Looking out in different directions from the front or side you will see buildings not far away in pastel colors which are beautiful. As you enter the building there are very large pillars holding up the building, and beautiful in design. The building is vast in openness, with waterfalls in different areas, with designs that are so different, that it is hard to explain what they look like. There is a large aquarium downstairs. (I had read that to see the aquarium you would have to pay.) I checked on the price of the ticket and it was $38. I didn't check into it further, but I'm sure there is more to just seeing the aquarium for the $38. We walked downstairs, and you can see quite a bit of the aquarium which must be at least 10' high or more. It really dwarfs you when you are standing in front of it. It wraps around part of the downstairs. There are turtles, large/small fish and stingrays. I believe there is also a beautiful water park there also for adults/children.

I think it is a must see, if you don't pay "anything" to see anything.