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[QUOTE]Originally posted by checkerboardsquare:
Is anyone interested in going on the Star Princess TransAtlantic Cruise April 30th? I would love to see 7 European countries at a bargain price! My husband only enjoys golfing trips, so I am looking for a female roommate to share cabin costs. I am outgoing and attractive, so if you are single, I can help you meet men. Oceanview room with air from Chicago and transfers is only $2046. Hurry and Email me at

Dear checkerboard, I sent you an email directly but maybe this email is not valid any longer... I'd appreciate to know WHERE/HOW you got that kind of price for a Princess Transatlantic Cruise with air!!! Pls I'd appreciate this information very much as I'm in the process of booking a cruise with Princess.

Also, is this forum good to find a roomate. My husband also doesn't like cruising or travelling like yours...