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Originally posted by simphhcc:
Originally posted by f-mattox:
Prime Time Shuttle from the Long Beach cruise ship terminal to LAX for 2 passengers is $32.00; Super Shuttle is a couple of dollars more. Taxi fare would be about twice as much.

I would suggest staying in Long Beach the night before your cruise; there is less chance of getting snarled up in freeway traffic on your way to the terminal.
Thanks F-Mattox. Could you recommend a couple of good hotels? I will look into Prime Time Shuttle. I'm assuming i'll have to make reservations.

We used the Coast Hotel in Long Beach. They have a park and cruise or a stay and cruise. You get a free shuttle to and from the boat, and a free breakfast (nice buffet). Rooms are nice, plus in Oct they were redoing the entire place. So they should be pretty fresh.
There is not much to do, You are on the bay with nice view. It is an Easy walk to the Queen Mary or over the Bridge to a park. They also have free shuttle service to take you were ever you want to go.
A word to the wise the walk across the bridge looks a little dangers at first glance. It is not, they have one lane for the foot traffic and it is guarded with a cement wall.
They also have boat shuttles to different areas around the bay.
If you go a day early you might want to do Catalina Island... just a thought.
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