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Hey Akebonofan,

Did you you check with your credit card company to see if you are covered by them for all inclusive trip interruption, trip cancellation, medical? My Platinum Infinite credit card covers me and my family for each of the above as long as the full cost of the trip including airfare and even tours are purchased on the card. Also included $5 million medical and definitely evacuation to a hospital in the US if we are in the Caribbean. There are a lot of Gold Credit cards out there that also offer similar coverage. We are covered for any medical condition as long as it is stable for 3 months prior to leaving on the cruise. As an example, we were in Hawaii one year and my son at the time broke his ankle hoping on and off the bed. We called credit card company, they paid for taxi fare to hospital. A hospital of their choice (exceptional where the doctors made little animals for my son out of towels). Everything to the tune of $6,000 was paid for an we did not put out a dime. $6,000 because of course we were foreign to the US. If you are not covered by your credit card, it is essential that you purchase insurance. You never know what can happen and does happen.