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Originally posted by Uwe:
Hi mypl8s,
just one, please.
I would prefere Capri. It takes you five hours at least. You can take the train to Sorrento (about one hour), from there the boat to Capri, and from Capri the hydrofoil back to Naples, But there is no guarantee you will catch your ship after....
Hi Uwe,
We are visiting Naples on The Voyager of the Sea on Aug 7 and plan to see Capri and Sorronto. To save time, we plan to see Capri first hen onto Sorrento and take the hydrofoil back to Naples from there. Tom Ogg mentioned that the ferries are very busy and sold out very fast. We are afraid that we might not be able to buy tickets once arrived in Sorrento from Capri around noon. I know we can take the train back to Naples but my wife does not feel safe to ride the local train. Is the pier in Naples sails to Capri and Sorrento the same one?