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Originally posted by Dave Beers:
Two months is optimistic for completing all the inspections needed on the steam plants unless the work was being done 24/7 like we do for our refueling outages at ye olde nuclear plant. Even with proper layup, degradation of the piping and valves would be a particular concern. So would warping of the turbine shafts from being set in one position for so long without being on the turning gear every so often. We are on the verge of starting up our Unit 1 reactor after 20 years of layup. That main turbine needed lots of work which took a long time to complete.

But I do agree that there are many skilled craft out there who can do the work. Most of the industrialized world's electricity is supplied via steam turbines.
I was considering 24/7. And yes, two months is quick, but I think it can be done at a facility large enough to handle the job. The best example for cruise ships that I can think of is the refurbishment done to the SS Norway in 1979, when NCL brought the SS France back into service from mothballs. It took 10 months for 2,000 workers to renovated the ship at the cost of $100 million.
But not all that 10 months was for inspecting the main engines and returning them into service. Just about all the auxiliary engines and equipment were completely torn out and replaced with new equipment. Major changes were also made to both the public spaces and cabins.

My two months estimate was for getting everything, as it is, back into service not changing a thing.

I realize that propulsion and other design changes will have to be made. Never-the-less, a complete refurbishment should take far less time than it took the SS Norway, because the interiors spaces of the SS United States have been stripped already.
Doubling my 2 months estimation (4 months) surely can be met, and an additional month or two might be long enough for the entire refurbishment. It would be a poor shipyard if it couldn't better the time of refurbishing the SS Norway.
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