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Hi Rindercella. Welcome to cruise chat.
My 2 daughters have been enjoying Camp Carnival for years. Penny is right. Don't expect to see too much of them once you sign them up for the program. Hope this information helps.


Cruising With Your Kids on Carnival Cruise Lines
Carnival Cruise Line is the leader in family cruising, with more than 100,000 kids aboard its ships this year. Carnival's program for kids is called Camp Carnival. Carnival allows infants over 4 months old, but all guests under 21 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 25 years or older in the same stateroom.
Camp Carnival is a year-round, fleet-wide program that provides daily fun-filled and age appropriate activities for children and teenagers between the ages of 2 and 15 years old. In addition, there is supervised "free play" and babysitting service. The play room on each Carnival ship comes completely stocked with toys, games, and puzzles for children for all ages. In addition, each ship has an electronic game room filled with all of the latest video games.

Camp Carnival is not a "daycare".

The program is designed so that families are able to enjoy "quality family time" together, and yet also have the choice of being with peers of their own age, whenever desired. Carnival knows every parent wants the best for their children. That’s why they’ve hired youth counselors who are either college-educated in a related field, have professional childcare experience or both. Carnival performs a thorough background check on each and every one of the youth counselors. And every one on the youth staff is fully trained in CPR and basic first aid.
Carnival's programs are geared to 4 age groups from 2 to 17. These are:

Toddlers (ages 2-5) -- Splash pool, fund family games, late night munchies, cartoon time, little tykes toys, learn your colors, can you count, sponge painting, indoor beach parties, mousercize, pizza pig out, drawing contests, sing-alongs, bingo, face painting, arts and crafts, cookie decorating

Juniors (ages 6-8) -- Talent show, face painting, cartoon time, indoor fair, sea animals, mousercize, Disney trivia, ice cream sundaes, cookie decorating, button making, puppet show, beach party, outdoor fun and games

Intermediate (ages 9-12) -- T-shirt painting, photography, jewelry making, board games, dance class, video tournament, ping pong, talent show, volleyball, show time, scavenger hunts, meet the entertainers back stage, breakfast fun

Teens (ages 13-15) -- Ping pong, pool party, teen dance, dance class, talent show, pizza party, indoor beach party, skin care and hair dressing demonstration, photography
Carnival has other features that make the ships attractive to kids and their parents. Staterooms on most Carnival ships are more spacious than on many other cruise lines, and some ships have adjoining rooms. Carnival provides babysitting for a fee, and has a special children's menu. Every Carnival ship has a special 114-foot-long, 15-foot-high water slide that adventurous kids of all ages love!