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Last year we signed up for with the Princess
future cruise program while on board. The deal is that you leave a $100.00 deposit for a "future" cruise and use it within five years. The perk to doing this is an onboard ship credit up to $150.00 depending upon length of cruise. Our dealis for $50.00 onboard credit each for up to two people in the same cabin. My friend and I each purchased a package..each paid $100.00. At booking for this year's cruise (leaving tomorrow 8/10!!!) the $200.00 total was used our deposit for one stateroom. Now the question: Since we each put down an initial deposit last year and are in the same stateroom, do we receive $50.00eac in credit or $100.00 each in credit? Seems that if only one of us purchased the program last year and stayed in the same stateroom, each of us would get $50.00 anyway. Any thoughts?