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What port are you in? If Cozumel the dolphin adventures can be booked directly on-line or I booked through These are better products than the cruise ship's. we saw the group from RCCL (our ship)at Discovery Cove--about 22-24 people. Each got to do one thing with these amazing animals. We had 8 in our group, every person got to do each thing the dolphin did once. It was almost surreal--you had so much contact you began to wonder when you were going to get out! Also with fewer people we got shot after shot with our water cameras, although we still bought a picture of each of the kids from the park--they were really nice and the photographers had tried to so hard to get memorable photos.

As to the type of "experience": The more $$ the more contact as a rule. People who paid for an "experience" or "encounter" got very little contact. We paid for the top price cut--the "royal swim" and were on a platform first the dolphins coming up to us, and then in the water with them swimming around, against and to us, pushing us and doing their tricks almost at arm's reach from us floating in our life jackets. The people who had the platform only experience did not say good things about it: it's a lot of money to just touch the dolphins. If you are going to do it once in your life experience it to the fullest. We thought it was worth it.

When you get off your ship in Cozumel their are lots of cabs--it takes about 15 minutes to get from the International pier to Chakanaab park or 20 from down town, cabs are not that expensive and you will have no trouble catching one at the park to return. The park also has some snorkeling opportunities and beach, a botanical trail (we were there before hurricane Wilma, however) so you can do more than just go for the dolphin swim. There is admission to the park--ours was included in our ticket for the dolphin swim, but be aware of this if yours is not.
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