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Originally posted by JIM2TAK:
Originally posted by TrvlPro:
Cruise Connection runs a shuttle from Clearwater to Miami pier if you're interested in avoiding the rental and transfer hassle.

Here's the link...
Cheers, Neil
I used to use them all the time. The last time I used them the driver had to deviate from his route and pick up A group at a Condo in West Palm Beach. The driver got lost and to make a long story short we almost missed the ship arriving in Miami a little before 4 PM. Then on the return trip the bus had to wait about 2 hours for another ship passengers because it had Noro on it and had to have a health inspection before it was cleared. I now drive & Park or rent a car.

Another example of how no matter how well you plan or who you use there can be kinks that develop. They are one of the primary transfer companies that many of the cruiselines use. Leave it to human error or Murphy's Law. Between delayed flights, transfer issues, traffic jams and all the rest you never know where you'll hit a snag. A good reason to come in a day early whenever possible and spend a relaxing evening in a hotel so you'll be fresh and not frazzled when it comes time to board.

Airlines are cancelling schedules right now and trying to cut cost and increase flights that depart full. Be careful in the next few months of flight schedules. Check to be sure your flight is going to arrive when it said, when you booked it. Many are retiring older less fuel effecient planes. Flight times and availability are going to be interesting in the near future as these changes are implimented.

Cheers, Neil