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Of the ports you mention I can comment on 3
Valetta is a lovely city worth seeing on foot
There is a bus station and it is easy to get anywhere on the island and costs very little -details can be found of time tables on the net (sorry cannot remember exact URL)
In Naples it depends on what you want to see
I took a taxi with my wife to Pompeii and then on to Vesuvius (using the same driver)This cost 130 euro which I think is about 200$ (could be wrong!)
There were nice trips available on ship to Sorrento Capri etc but expensive (this was Celebrity but i imagine they all charge the same)
Capri would be easy to do by yourself-the ship docks next to the ferry
For Rome I recommend doing it independantly
Take the bus to the port gates and walk straight ahead the short distance to the station
The train cost about 20$ return
Ship excursions were very expensive and apparently took ages to get their due to traffic -the train is less than 1 hour and there are regular services
I hope you enjoy Europe