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Does anyone know what the differences are between the vista suite and the penthouse suites are on the grand princess and what extras someone might get in the penthouse verses the vista suite? right now I am booked in the vista on the golden princess going to Hawaii in 2010 and my balcony is on the rear of the ship and this would be nice if we were doing the sail by the volcano at midnight and it will be nice to leave ports from the rear but I am wondering if I might have a better view from on the side of the ship in a penthouse as well and the penthouse is only 1 thousand more than what I am paying for the vista and that's total not per person so does anyone think it's worth it? The princess represenative said the only difference is that the balcony is larger in the penthouse. Any comments would be helpful as they have 9 penthouse suites left and I would like to do the change on tuesday if I am going to do it. Thanks, Shana