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Itīs so different on some ships.

On the Brilliance and the Jewel weīve got orangejuice for free during the dinner and other tables mates got coke.
On the Zenith we had to pay for everything but icetea and icewater (but I do not like these).
When we order with coke or sprite with or soda package we got it from cans.
My hubby were making jokes about that, why they do not take bigger bottles, because its less expensive. But they take it from original cans.

Lets see, what they serve on the Splendour.Hey, look at my countdown, the only thing at the moment that gives me a good feeling (going in a hospital tomorrow, have a operation at my vocal cord and donīt know, when I will be able to talk again. Thank god, I have this board, where I donīt need my voice.)

Best regards, Marita