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Robert, I would have been glad to pay that, and buy you a drink too.

Come to find out it was a lady I had been playing beside of earlier from Orangeburg, SC that turned it in. She recognized me from the id. I thanked her profusely the next night.

Oh, this get's better. I left my camera in the taxi on the way to Paradise Beach! When I noticed it I told the taxi rep. at the entrance. He wanted to know the number of the taxi. I had no idea. All I knew it was a lady driver. He said they only had a few and he would do his best. I wasn't worried about the driver, it was who got in the taxi after me. They were on their radios for a couple of hours back and forth. I went up to the bar and talked with Fernando, who knew that I knew Tom (the guy that runs the place that was off that day) and he told me he had called the taxi office and they had it at pier for me. Wheeeew!

I can't believe I lost two things on one cruise, and they both were returned to me. That's why I am a big believer in karma and doing the right thing. I usually only lose my Sail & Sign card in the machines. Guess I will have to start putting bungee cords on everything.