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I just got off the Monarch a few weeks ago. I hadn't cruised since Freedom in june of '06. I noticed a price increase in their treatments. I never spa, unless I am on a cruise. I had often heard how much more expensive it is on a cruise ship, vs a land spa. I live here in Phoenix, Arizona. I was checking out spas in Scottsdale, at the expensive hotels. I was shocked how much cheaper it was. A stones massage at the Camelback Inn Spa, (high end spa here) was $125 or $135, I think the massage was 60 min. A stones massage on the ship is $175 for 50min and $195 for 75 min. I couldn't believe it. Oh well, I still pay the price on the ship, I figure it's my vacation, and by golly I'm going to get a massage. As far as the products they push hard to sell, I usually lie. I say, "no thanks, I've already bought some products this cruise", I have also said "no thanks, I still has some products left from my last cruise". They don't know, and it shuts them up pretty fast. I make sure I give them a decent tip, usually 15%. I don't really feel bad about lying, there already raping me for the price of the massage. I have a list (spa menu) of spa treatments and prices that the ship hands out,if you are curious. It is not a full list of all there treatments, but it has most of the massages it offers. Let me know if you need a price for something. Lil' Lori

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