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The food in the dining room on the Freedom was generally fine on our cruise in June. There were a couple items that were lackluster, but I attributed it to ours being the first 7-day voyage for the ship and the galley and waiters were still working on their rhythm. And even those lackluster items didn't ruin the meal. I ordered the steak and shrimp entree and the shrimp were overcooked, but the steak was perfectly prepared. No biggie to me. Overall I was happy with what I was served.

I always thought Celebrity had great food, and like Cruise Fanatic I was stunned when on the Mercury in 1999 - with a group of cruise fanatics - and one member told me how disappointed he was with the food. What he really was disappointed with was the presentation. He didn't think they plated the food as well as other lines, and let this ruin his whole dining experience.

It is all so subjective.