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Please forgive my ignorance on this issue as I know that I have asked this before. Although I have never purchased and NCB, I have often wanted to. I just can not get it in my feeble mind the advantage of doing this vs. waiting and just booking when you are ready to go. So, having said that, I will jot down my questions about this and maybe it will help others too.

1. Do you have to have a particular cruise in mind or no cruise at all?

2. How much does it cost?

3. Why purchase one at all vs. the regular booking approach from home?

4. Does this NCB entitle you to anything extra vs. the standard booking of a cruise?

5. Are the cruises discounted for purchasing, i.e allowing RCCL to use your money?

These a just a few of the questions I can remember. Basically, tell me all I need to know to explain it to someone that does not understand the need to do this. I have often wanted to recommend that folks do this but couldn't explain it because I didn't understand it myself!!! Anyway, thanks for any info and sorry for asking again.

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