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Docking in Nice is a rare thing on these boards since most US oriented lines do not go to Nice but rather to either Villefranche or Monte Carlo. The Flower Market is actually located in the old town very close to the water on a street called the Cours Seleya. If you look at a good Nice map you will see the port on the right side of the city (looking inland) (if you dock here you are very lucky). To the left of that port you will notice the Chateau which is actually on top of a large hill. If you were in the port you would simply walk around that hill staying along the water and this would take you right on the Quai des Etas Unis. The Flower Market is 1 block inland from this road although it is difficult to notice it from along the water. That Flower Market is surrounded by the old town where its fun to just walk and get lost. If you were using the bus and ended up at the Gare Routiere (bus station) then you need to walk towards the water weaving through the old town streets to get to the Flower Market (you need a decent map to keep from getting lost). If you pull up a good map on the internet that entire old town area lays between the Quai des Etats Unis (on the water side) and the Blvd Jean Jeures on the inland side on the city side of the Chateau (its hard to describe geography in words). Hope this helps. The area right around the Flower Market also has lots of decent restaurants and cafes and we always have fun just looking at their Menu de Jour (always posted) and deciding where to eat lunch.