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I've had TIVO on DirecTV for a few years now, and I've come to realize that my attention is not as sharp as it used to be. Somehow, subconciously, I think it's okay if I don't pay attention and let distractions take-over because I can always hit rewind.

I discovered this problem when driving my car listening to the radio. I focus my attention on a traffic maneuver, then reach for the rewind button. Wait. I don't have TIVO on my car radio. But I do this time and time again. Well, at least I CAN focus on what's important: driving!

It gets worse though. At home I'm always multi-tasking. I let my mind wander, hit rewind, wander off again, rewind again, sometimes three or four times until I make myself focus.

I already have CRS (can't remember S#*T). I've got to come up with a term for this TIVO thing.
Does anyone else have this problem?