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Originally posted by trixibella:
Thanks Bob1958 and Penny3333. This might sound a bit daft but would trying to snorkel for the first time be OK at this resort seeing its from a beach? Just a bit confused as to the time it would take to try and get to grips with 'snorkelling'and being able to 'take in' all that is happening.
Actually, this is probably the best place to snorkel for the first time. You can get the feel of it in shallow water before taking off to the better places and if you need any advice there will be plenty of folks around you to help out. You'll do great!

Here's a link to the Plaza Resort. If I remember correctly you head right from the dock along a nice walkway past a bunch of shops, then have to cross a parking lot to get to the entrance,and somebody there will take the fee and give you a wrist band, and snorkel equipment is available for renting at the same place.