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Basically, we left home (Kansas City) via Delta at 720am. Connection flight to Miami in Atlanta, again with Delta at 1058am. We backed away from Gate on time only to be delayed on tarmac by ATC (allegedly), again delayed in the air (weather, although the entire flight was clear sky), then delayed again on landing in front of gate for no reason. By that time its was 1045am. We ran to next gate only to have door shut on us while last passenger was walking down gate. Next flight left at 1215pm to Miami, we were upgraded to 1st class (only thing available) only to be delayed in air due to weather (legitimate). We finally landed at 515pm with boat departing at 5pm. Next POC was Nassau (2 days later) so we decided that going home was better than only spending a half day cruising time. RCCL and Delta both deny any responsibility and will not refund anything because ins. was not purchased. Our only issue is that we should have made the plane that was originally booked, they knew we were on the ground, they knew we were unloading, our bags made the plane but we did not. We have written letters to both RCCL and Delta in hopes that they will credit us another cruise/flight since they were booked as package deal through RCCL. This forum/blog's intentions are to rant and rave, as well as seek advise as what else we can do. Thanks to all suggestions in advance.