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Originally posted by psychocruiser:
a tip right up front usually ensures a little extra attention, to include towel animals, and is not given exclusively for towel animals.
Towel animals are one reason I give my room person a crisp $20 bill on the first day
i agree that a tip is the right way to get preferential treatment, but ive gotten the impression (from this thread as well as others) that a portion of that tip is specifically for towel animals - as opposed to tipping for good service alone, and receiving towel animals as an added benefit....i realize that the difference is very small, and that it is even dumb to debate - i was more bringing it up because it was interesting to me, and to find out if other people really do tip extra specifically for towel animals...because, like i said, i'd rather have a beer

or maybe i was just bored and wanted to see people's reaction to my comment