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Originally posted by gen:
I was also on this cruise. I agree with IBCruzin' and all the review comments....We enjoyed ourselves very much with the exception of our room placement. Which we complained about from the beginning.

Beware any deck anywhere near the atrium. LOUD music until 1:00 am EVERY morning. Now I know some people like the nightlife, but I don't. We love the ports and the excursions and play hard during the day. At night we like to get some sleep. This was not possible. We also have two children who need to be in bed before 1:00 am.

We complained to Carnival on night #2 and they said they would look into it.

Day 3 received a form letting saying the music had been turned down...It was not.

Night 3 husband went down to complain and was given ear plugs to add insult to injury.

Long story short it never got any better. At the end of the cruise we were given a 100.00 credit towards our bill,a nice gesture, but 6 nights of not being able to sleep was not worth it.

So buyer beware watch your room placement, especially if you have children and want to get to bed before 1 am.
I am sorry your room was so unsatisfactory. May I suggest next time you book a cabin in the middle of the Riviera Deck. It is the lowest deck on the ship and is sound cushioned by another deck of all cabins (Main Deck) over it. For whatever reason, the best cabins on most ships are also the cheapest. Many people believe that it is better to be closer to the action. However, all the action is only an elevator ride away so if you are inclined to go to bed earlier than the ship, the Riviera is probably best for you. However, another silent deck is the front half of the Lido Deck. It is cemetery quiet up there, believe it or not.

Another word of warning, be careful with free upgrades. All upgrades are not improvements. Check out the location on a deck map before you accept an upgrade.
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